My daily favourites – Tom Ford, Cle de Peau


These are my daily favorites:

  1. Tom ford Sheer Cheek Duo :  BICOASTAL The color is absolutely stunning. It gives the cheek a nice soft sheery pink . I have tried other brands, I think I am addicted to this Tom Ford Beautie.
  2. Tom Ford Eye Quad: COCOA MIRAGE. I always wear brownish eye shadows and this palette is natural with one sheer shade.
  3. Cle de Peau Liquid Foundation: I got this from Osaka airport. It was a dilemma between this and its cream foundation. The beauty adviser told me that this is very light, and if you are seeking for more coverage, go for the creamy one. I finally got both and tried them out. She was right. The liquid foundation is very light for daily casual look . It cannot cover anything , but it doesn’t even the face tone. I think this is pretty much enough for me as I think a natural look includes exposing some of the freckles. As long as it is providing good matte yet radiant and silky finish with very good hydration. One down side is that it is really pricy.
  4. Cle de Peau loose powder: Recommended from my friend. I got it from the same Japan trip. Well, it is really really expensive in terms of the fact that it just is a loose powder and I always thought loose powder is just all the same. The Cle du peau loose powder is extremely soft and I love that rosy ( i think it is Rose?) smell. Again, it’s very light and your skin really just feel like nothing has added on, but the skin just look prettier. For Cle de Peau, I would say, if you have the budget, go for it.
  5. Kate sharp lock gel pencil eyeliner: I purchased a Hourglass gel eyeliner from Net-a-porter months ago and it was amazing. Surprisingly, it’s gone after a month, provided that I wasn’t using it too frequently. I was so in love with this gel eyeliner that I think I have to find a substitution as it’s too expensive to keep purchasing this hourglass one. Here you go , this Kate gel eyeliner is costing around HKD90 and around $70 in Japan ( it’s a Japanese brand).
  6. Excel brow pencil: It’s very popular now and provides a wide range of colors. It comes with a brow pencil, the other side is a brow brush and there’s a hidden side – a brow power. Can’t ask for more from a 3-way brow pencil with only costing around JPY1566.

Here are all daily favorite, although it varies from my mood. But the Tom Ford Sheer Duo Cheek color, is what I use everyday for sure. Please share your daily favorites too 🙂

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