Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Brazilian Nude Lip stick 維多利亞貝克漢x雅詩蘭黛 彩妝聯名唇膏

I have been shopping at Net-A-Porter for years. The inspiration and their picks surprises me all the time. I love shopping at Net-A-Porter.

When I was shopping at their U.S site last week, I found a VB Brazilian Nude lip stick, the color attracts me that I researched around to see more pictures on the collection and other comments. Finally, I decided to go for it and  I purchased this and my grey tee. I am a E.I.P at net-a-porter; thus, shipping cost from U.S to H.K is free(what a nice loyal member benefit).

I was a bit reserved on trying out the @esteelauder @victoriabeckham line. But the package looks absolutely amazing with that elegance VB sign.

I choose lip stick in Brazilian nude. It’s amazing…it’s moisture yet giving a full coverage , it feels like you are having a layer of lip balm behind. And the color looks superb!
I am going to try out the other items from the collection ! Estee Lauder UK‘s official website has the full collection.


Shopafoodie 本人超愛逛Net-A-Porter, 也常常買. 上禮拜亂逛的時候, 無意中看到這個維多利亞貝克漢跟雅詩蘭黛聯名唇膏, 立馬心動!趕快上網蒐一下其他人的照片, 確認好看之後,決定買. 雖然在美國Site 買的, 可是2-3天就到了喔. 很快! 收到後馬上塗~ 這個真的不能不分享!超好看的Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder 聯名彩妝系列!

好看!顔色叫Brazilian nude! 配合維多利亞貝克漢最愛的祼妝!包裝好低調奢華喔,喜歡VB那個字印在上面!超滋潤,好看塗了lip blam打底一樣! 這個要買!台灣有嗎?

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