My Net-a-Porter Shopping – Sunday Riley Water Cream & ILIA Lip Exfoliator

I have been obsessed with online shopping for years especially Net-A-Porter. Apart from well known brand names, they always sourced very good quality up and coming brands. I love discovering from the site and the satisfaction when receiving the parcels and deliveries is superb.

I ordered these two goodies from their U.S site, because the HK site is out of stock. Being a E.I.P, they offer free hand deliveries by their cool black van, and the international deliveries are free. I received this parcel only within 3 days via DHL.




Right! So what I’ve got last night?

  • Sunday Railey Brightening Enzyme water cream – it claim to increase hydration by 68% in 15 minutes. It is a water cream, thus, it will hydrate skin without supplying oil. I tried it on after my toner. It is very hydrating with gelish texture and a refreshing cucumber smell. It is suggested to apply face oil straight after if you have dry skin. I apply my Votory London Face oil from my Liberty Christmas advert calendar 2016, it worked perfectly fine. In terms of brightening and exfoliating, may be I need to use for a longer time.
  • ILIA Balming Nights Lip Exfoliator – It have very dry lips. I have always been looking for and obsessed to try out all sort of lip balms. I have tried to mix coconut oil with brown sugar for a D.I.Y lip scrub. Unfortunately , the sugar melted while I massage around my lips due to the body temperature. This ILIA lip exfoliator is amazing that nothing is melting plus it’s extremely smooth and balmy when wiping around the lip. Falling in love with it!~

Overall, I am quite happy with my find this time.

我超喜歡逛Net-A-Porter這個網站,除了有大家都知道的名牌不說, 他們網站常常搜羅了很多大家都不知道又超好用, 有潛力的品牌。每次逛都想嚐鮮。這次是從它們的美國網站買的,因為香港的賣光了,沒有庫存。只好從美國買咯!~因為是E.I.P的緣故,除了平常在香港有專車吧購物送到府上外,連在海外站買也是免郵的喔!3天就到了, 還是DHL耶。


  • Sunday Railey Brightening Enzyme water cream – 號稱說塗上後可以馬上15分鐘內,把皮膚水分提高68%,令肌膚更光澤。皮膚很乾的人,建議再塗上後加他們家的臉部美容油喔!我用了之前來自於Liberty的Votory London Face oil, 感覺也不錯,所以我覺得用自己的美容油都可以啦, 當然有預算的話,用一套是最好。使用後,覺得保濕效果真的很好。
  • ILIA Balming Nights Lip Exfoliator – 再來是這個。我超喜歡。我是嘴唇很乾的人。一直都愛使用任何護唇膏,又加上現在流行唇妝,嘴唇乾真的是大忌!我有試過用椰子油加咖啡糖自製唇部磨砂,可是砂糖在按摩的過程開始融化了,磨死皮的效果減弱。這隻ILIA的磨砂粒子完全不會溶掉,而且還超滋潤。左右在嘴上擦兩下,然後用指腹按摩,完了,用化妝棉沾暖水擦掉就好。


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