Glamglow Mask – Thirsty and Super Mud 好萊塢明星面膜


一直在美國很有名的, 好萊塢明星愛用的品牌 – Glamglow. 有很多顏色喔. 推薦這兩個:

白色Super mud: 是清潔面膜. 有一點乾, 可是敷完很乾淨, 可是建議要馬上敷保濕面膜喔.

藍色Thirsty mud: 是補水的保濕面膜. 擦上去有一股淡淡的椰子味, 然後一點涼涼的, 很不錯喔.而且可以每天都敷.



Famous Glamglow masks, popular Hollywood starts favorites.

White one Super Mud is a cleansing clay mask. It has a very strong cleansing function, but need to be aware if you are very dry skin, you might be too strong for you or you may need to apply hydrating mask straight after.

Blue one Thirty Mud is a hydrating mask with moisture function, in which it’s not like those gel-ish masks only. Love the smell, light coconut. It’s pretty wild and I apply it everyday.

Overall, both are quite good.

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