Niseko Michelin Restaurant – Asparagus 二世古必吃米其林餐廳

Years and years ago, Niseko to me isnt very fancy in terms of shopping and fine dining. It has changed a lot and this restaurant is a must try if you are in Niseko, especially when you love seafood. Asparagus received one Michelin star in 2012.  The Japanese chef stayed in more cities including Australia, bring a mixture of western and japanese infused taste.

一直覺得Niseko沒有好吃的,沒有好逛的。 聽朋友介紹吃了這家在2012年摘了米其林1星的餐廳,味道很好,特別喜歡海鮮的朋友碰不應該錯過喔。Asparagus的日本主廚在澳洲待過,手藝融合了日本跟西方。




Very freshly poached Botan prawns. The waiter brought them along before they go into how water. One of them jumped on my plate. You can taste the natural sweetness and the texture of the prawn. It was really really sweet. My mouth is watering…

這個牡丹蝦超級好吃,雖然只是稍微熱水燙一下,可是真的超級無敵清甜。每一道菜都是在serve之前那給我們看,他們把這些生蝦拿過來的時候, 還有一直跳到我的碟子上!太新鮮了。




本來沒有看懂這個外表,看菜單知道是鮑魚,可是不知味道如何,想說弄這麼黑有必要嗎?切開後,裡面是白白嫩嫩的鮑魚, 外邊那層就是一層有墨魚汁炸得酥酥口感的。 鮑魚好好好嫩,真個晚上的最愛,就是這顆鮑魚。旁邊的事義大利飯, 我覺得還好而已,不夠入味。

This abalone is really good, it was very fresh and soft inside with a crispy squid coating outside. Nicely balanced texture. The risotto is average.


Tea sorbet. 吃個雪葩,清清味蕾




這個甜點也是這裡有名的, 拿破崙蛋糕,非常的酥(想必大家也看得出來)。


跟餐的Petits Fours跟咖啡。

Overall, the poached prawn and the abalone is the highlight of the meal for me. I quite like the menu as it is seafood leading and I love seafood. The price is not too expensive. It was around HKD 1400 with wine.

總結下來,我最愛的是蝦很鮑魚。 這個餐廳的menu我還蠻喜歡的,因為有很多海鮮,而且味道清淡,這合我的胃。價格又不是太貴,連酒的話,一人約港幣1400.


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