米其林三星Lunch @ L’atelier de joël robuchon hk

This is one of my favourite lunch place. We always sit at outside at the open kitchen  area. The environment is casual, chill and interactive with lots of fun. The menu changes  slightly every week. I love their food because the food here taste good, real, simple and straightforward. The ingredients are fresh.

這是我最愛午餐的地方之一, 它是米其林三星主廚Joël Robuchon的餐廳。 已經連續6年得到米其林三星喔。我常常坐在外面開放式廚房吧台那邊用餐,氣氛輕鬆,又可以跟經理和主廚互動。還有,在吧台用餐比在餐廳裡面便宜喔,詳情可以看官網。Menu 是差不多的,而且餐廳的用餐的食物,也是從外面這個開放式廚房煮的,所以都一樣喔。其實我比較喜歡這種風格的料理, 就是新鮮,味道好,實在;本人比較不喜歡分子料理。

My husband’s white asparagus starter. 我老公的白蘆筍沙拉,說是白蘆筍當造喔。我沒試吃,看下面就知道為什麼!



My Beetroot and apple salad with avocado, served with green mustard sorbet. Trust me, if you are one who loves light and refreshing taste, you would fall in love with this. The flavour was complex, like a complex freshness keep punching out.  First it’s crunchiness, then the icy punch of the sorbet; different temperature comparison happening in your mouth and then finished with the super super fresh herbs and I think it’s the taste of dill making the powerful and perfectly match full stop. Overall, I love this salad so much. I don’t even want to try my husband’s salad after I ate mine, even his looked nice too. I just wanted to keep that freshness memory in my mouth before my second course arrived.

就是因為這個沙拉,萬分好吃。如果你喜歡清新的味道 ( 就是說如果你本來就討厭沙拉,我餓沒辦法),這個必點,拜託。是紅菜頭+蘋果和酪梨,然後加上green mustad sobert。 先是吃到清甜脆脆,切到每粒都同一大小的紅菜頭+蘋果,然後突然是冰冰的sobert,最後吃到超新鮮的香草。吃完,我真個口腔一直在回味; 根本就不想試我老公的沙拉; 雖然他的看起來也很好吃。


This soup was another one of my favourite on that day. It’s a duck soup with some duck meat and perfectly pan-fried foie gras cubes. 這個鴨湯也是我這個菜單超推薦的。輕輕的鴨湯,配上切一粒粒的鮮嫩鴨肉,還有煎香了的鵝肝。搭配上幾個新鮮剝開的鮮嫩青豆,好配好配!


My personal preference of well done duck breast with crunchy skin. Please don’t feel surprised if you see the duck breast is overcooked. 看到鴨胸見到這麼熟,請不要驚訝,是我個人喜好啦。經理會問你要幾成熟啦!這盤的味道也很好。


Pear compotes with “JR~10~HK” chocolate mousse and ice-cream


Delicate pineapple mousse with exotic fruits, Malibu cream and mango sorbet


Overall, I loved my salad and the duck soup from this menu. Main course were up to standard as usual. Desserts were averagely good; well, I dont think that most of the michelin stars restaurants make their desserts as high standards as their food. Therefore, I normally wouldn’t comment on the dessert too much unless it’s surprisingly or incredibly nice. Come here for lunch, it’s only HKD 498+10% for 3 courses set menu.

甜點方面的話, 我一般不會comment 太多,除非是超級好吃!因為我覺得即便是米其林餐廳,他們的食物分數遠超過甜點;所以除非很特別,不然我也不介紹了。記得中午來吃的話,超划算米其林三星才HKD 468+10% 喔。

Address: Shop 315, 334 & 401, Landmark Atrium, Central, Hong Kong


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