外國書籍網站推薦- 外國兒童書大集合

I think people from the UK has less difficulties on getting nice books. You can walk into Waterstones and get what you want easily with a very wide range of selections. This doesn’t happen to us here in Asia, less selections of books and it’s a lot more expensive. Book Depository is superb for us,… Continue reading 外國書籍網站推薦- 外國兒童書大集合


米其林三星Lunch @ L’atelier de joël robuchon hk

This is one of my favourite lunch place. We always sit at outside at the open kitchen  area. The environment is casual, chill and interactive with lots of fun. The menu changes  slightly every week. I love their food because the food here taste good, real, simple and straightforward. The ingredients are fresh. 這是我最愛午餐的地方之一, 它是米其林三星主廚Joël Robuchon的餐廳。… Continue reading 米其林三星Lunch @ L’atelier de joël robuchon hk


Red Lips 紅唇 – Nars Sarah Moon Matte Lipstick

Love this color from Nars Sarah Moon collection in Rouge Indescret . If you have been looking for a nice red without any sense of fusheia. This is the one. A very nice red and it’s very matte finishing without letting your lip feeling dry. Fantastic!! I think the best way to carry a matte… Continue reading Red Lips 紅唇 – Nars Sarah Moon Matte Lipstick


Niseko Michelin Restaurant – Asparagus 二世古必吃米其林餐廳

Years and years ago, Niseko to me isnt very fancy in terms of shopping and fine dining. It has changed a lot and this restaurant is a must try if you are in Niseko, especially when you love seafood. Asparagus received one Michelin star in 2012.  The Japanese chef stayed in more cities including Australia,… Continue reading Niseko Michelin Restaurant – Asparagus 二世古必吃米其林餐廳


Best Color Combo – Celine

  I have always been waiting for a nice color combo of this little cutie. It’s a small leather goods from Celine. There is 3 pockets for credits cards, and a larger seperate pocket for anything. I put some cash(fold them up) and coins inside. 這個款已經看上很久了, 一直都在等喜歡的顏色搭配再入手. 這次出的這個實在太喜歡了. 黑色底色不怕髒, 然後配粉紅+卡其綠色, 美!~ 裡面3個卡位, 一個愛放甚麼就放甚麼的位置. 我都放一些紙幣(摺起來), 還有硬幣,… Continue reading Best Color Combo – Celine


Glamglow Mask – Thirsty and Super Mud 好萊塢明星面膜

一直在美國很有名的, 好萊塢明星愛用的品牌 – Glamglow. 有很多顏色喔. 推薦這兩個: 白色Super mud: 是清潔面膜. 有一點乾, 可是敷完很乾淨, 可是建議要馬上敷保濕面膜喔. 藍色Thirsty mud: 是補水的保濕面膜. 擦上去有一股淡淡的椰子味, 然後一點涼涼的, 很不錯喔.而且可以每天都敷. Famous Glamglow masks, popular Hollywood starts favorites. White one Super Mud is a cleansing clay mask. It has a very strong cleansing function, but need to be aware if you are very dry skin, you might be… Continue reading Glamglow Mask – Thirsty and Super Mud 好萊塢明星面膜