Best Color Combo – Celine

  I have always been waiting for a nice color combo of this little cutie. It’s a small leather goods from Celine. There is 3 pockets for credits cards, and a larger seperate pocket for anything. I put some cash(fold them up) and coins inside. 這個款已經看上很久了, 一直都在等喜歡的顏色搭配再入手. 這次出的這個實在太喜歡了. 黑色底色不怕髒, 然後配粉紅+卡其綠色, 美!~ 裡面3個卡位, 一個愛放甚麼就放甚麼的位置. 我都放一些紙幣(摺起來), 還有硬幣,… Continue reading Best Color Combo – Celine